Flexin’ Friday – June 16, 2107

Hiiii everyone! 

Two years ago I was at ECMC recovering from surgery to insert a rod and four screws into my leg. I didn’t know it then but I would slip into a slight depression. I hated every moment I was on crutches. I hated every time I had to take a pain pill just to fall asleep. I hated that I was limited to what I could and couldn’t do. I did go to Toronto for a Yankees game and crutched around the stadium, but I hated it (it was like 100 degrees, sitting in the sun, big ugly boot, needless to say the pit stains were – real struggle). I was back at work and it was good to socialize but my crutch would slip on anything that was on the ground and guess what – I hated it. I feel like everything that I did – I hated. I was known as the girl with a broken leg. 

I took that mentality after I was off my crutches. I hated to do anything. I never wanted to go out. Going to the gym was terrible. I had some crazy stressors at work.  I was still in so much pain because I was trying to push myself more than I probably should have been. I was in so much pain they ended up taking the screws out in my ankle. That helped a little but not much. All I wanted to do was lay in bed because that’s what I did for three months while recovering from my broken leg. 

Like many people when I am facing any type of stress or anxiety I turn to food. I am the queen of stress eating and working at a grocery store is THE worst. My dad being the best person in the world would get me whatever I wanted when I couldn’t. I wanted to stop but couldn’t. It was easier to hide in a bag of potato chips than it was to face the demons in front of me. I gained a crap ton of weight. 

Somewhere in the past ten months – I don’t know where, or why, or when but I was like Lauren get over yourself, you’re better than this. A lot of things changed. So maybe that’s what it was? I really couldn’t tell you. Somewhere along the line the switch just flipped. I honestly feel like a completely new person. 

Yesterday, I ran the Corporate Challenge. Two weeks ago I asked my coach if he thought I could do it and I wanted him to be honest with me. He asked me why I would even question it. And I told him I haven’t run more than a mile in two years (and if anyone knows me – running is NOT my thing and never has been). He told me it was going to hurt but that I could do it. Sooo I did it. Last year I volunteered to work it so I didn’t have to run it. I took the easy way out. This year, with my new mentality, I ran it. Slowly, with a little bit of pain I sprinted across the finish line in 42:15. I almost cried. I never thought I would ever be able to do anything like that. Again, not only am I NOT a runner but I never thought my leg could handle anything like this. 

I’m constantly surprising myself. It’s the coolest thing ever. I came home today after a really long day of work and dealing with my mom around 6pm. I missed the last class at the gym. I looked up the workout, made my own, and did it in my back yard. I WOULD HAVE NEVER DONE THAT SIX MONTHS AGO. I would have gotten a sub and watched Netflix the rest of the night. My legs were super heavy from the run so I made a stupid choice to do single unders. But hey, I did it. 

So my advice to my MBC friends. It’s okay to surprise yourself. You WILL have to feel some sort of discomfort along the way. The feeling of accomplishment is totally worth it. 

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Makeup Monday – June 12, 2017

Hello friends!! If you’re a loyal follower of MBC you’ve noticed I took a week off. Some times you just need a break right?! I’m back and better than ever. Enjoy Makeup Monday!!

So Thursday June 1st I got eye lash extensions from Continental School of Beauty. I went with my friend Jess. Overall, I had a decent experience, she did not. Honestly it made me so sad she didn’t enjoy it. 

For eye lash extensions they put a longer lash on as many individual lashes as they can. Continental uses 10-12 lengths. I use to go to another place and they used up to 16. I believe it’s millimeters but I honestly have no idea.  

Below is my before and after. 

Top: before

Bottom: after 

Don’t mind my gross pores. I didn’t have any make up on!! Anyways, there is definitely a difference. They are more fuller and a little longer. 

I honestly love the extensions for the first day or two. After that you realize how much of a pain they are. They say beauty is pain? But for real, you can’t really rub your eyes, you can’t put your face into your pillow, washing your face is a hassle and so is the shower. You’re not really suppose to get them wet.

So to wrap things up. I rather spend my money on a great tube of mascara. Maybe one day I’ll master fake lashes. Right now when I try to put those on, they end up on my eye brows. Don’t ask. It’s not pretty. 

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Flexin’ Friday – June 2, 2017

Hello everyone!!

So, it is that time of year – Crossfit Regionals. The five best male, female, and team athletes in each region go to the Crossfit Games. I think your chances of making the Crossfit Games is like 0.01% or something insane like that. Thats not the point of this blog today. My blog is about the injuries that have been plaguing the mens side of competition but more importantly the why these guys are getting hurt.

Incase you don’t follow Crossfit, there have been 28 men who have torn their pec muscles in Regionals. Just men, and just men competing individually. Some are people I have never heard before and some are men who have made it to the Crossfit Games. My heart aches for Dan Bailey. He is one of my favorites. I am sure the number is going to rise and The Barbell Spin is keeping track here.

Now, I am going to admit I am pretty naive when it comes to somethings. I threw the question out at the gym the other day about what everyone thinks of all the pec tears? I thought for sure everyone was going to criticize the programming for Regionals. There is no barbell and all dumbbells which is a huge shock. It was the first time ever in Regionals that there wasn’t a barbell. But then again, we shouldn’t really be shocked based on all the dumbbells in The Open and Dave Castro does what he wants. Event 2 is heavy dumbbell snatches and ring dips. This is where the pec tears are happening. I thought two things when the pec tears starting happening. 1. WOW these guys have not trained with the dumbbells at all and 2. WOW Dave Castro is a jerk programming two shoulder/chest heavy movements together. Again, when I posed the question at the gym, I assumed everyone thought the same thing I did. Then I got rocked back to reality.

PEDs – Perfomance Enhancing Drugs. 

I thought REALLY? PEDs are in Crossfit? Where people will eat strict paleo, will turn their nose up at Coca-Cola, and haven’t experienced the greatness of Mighty Taco? These same people will shoot PEDs into their bodies? Then I was told – these athletes are competing for money, sponsorships, and its their livelihood. I guess, I thought. It really isn’t a lot of money for completely putting your life on hold to train 24/7 – IN MY OPINION. I was also told that it is more common than I think and people in the area, even possibly at my gym are on PEDs.

I guess when I hear of PEDs I think of Barry Bonds, Mark McGuire, Roger Clemens, and Sammy Sosa in the late 90’s and not my beloved Crossfit.


It is just something to think about. I don’t ever want Crossfit to be riddled with PEDs the way Baseball has been. If someone is doing better than before I will ALWAYS give them a high five and hope its because of hard work and not steroids.

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New Brew Wednesday – May 31, 2017

Hello friends!! I hope you all enjoyed your long weekend with friends and family. I am going to do something a little different today BUT not too different. I am going to spotlight a brewery in the Western New York area. One of the coolest things to happen in the past five years or so is the craft brew scene in Buffalo. There are now breweries all over the area and new ones coming to life all the time. Now I’m usually blown away by breweries in general but this one in particular is by far my favorite. 

Big Ditch Brewing Company

I have gone there twice for events with Wegmans. Both times I’ve felt like we were part of the Big Ditch family. Not only that their food and most importantly, their beer is out of this world. To date, I have tried 10 of their beers and loved every single one. And what I am about to say shouldn’t be taken lightly. They also brew my favorite beer – Jalapeño Cream Ale. If anyone knows me they know how much I love spicy things AND THEN BIG DITCH WENT AND PUT IT IN BEER. Like yessss – all day every day. 

I’ve also toured their brewing facility. It was awesome. I just went through my phone and didn’t have any pictures of it. When we toured it they were just starting to can their beer – it didn’t even hit stores yet. They were so welcoming and it was just a cool experience. 

I recommend Big Ditch 10/10. The hospitality, beer, and food are all amazing. Click here to learn more about Big Ditch. 

Any questions/comments let me know!! See you Friday for some flexin’!! Also – follow me on social media ❤️

Flexin’ Friday – May 26, 2017

The struggle. 

That’s basically my whole week in two words. The struggle was real. If you’re sick of posts about my leg – stop reading now. If you are interested in what I deal with on a daily basis – keep reading. 

Monday night I was ready to chop my leg off and sell the titanium in my leg and move on with my life. 

The week prior to Monday I have been doing a few exercises to get my mobility back and even myself out. The hero pose absolutely kills me. I will be in pain for hours after I do it. Usually the pain would last a few minutes, I’ll take a few deep breaths and move on. Not the hero pose. Of course on Monday we did the hero pose to warm up. Then we jumped rope, which also aggregates my leg. But after the workout I just need a few minutes to collect myself and it doesn’t hurt. 

Monday night I played three softball games. I knew I was in for a world of hurt because at 2pm my leg was already killing me. My coach gave me some directions for relief but it lasted about two innings into my first game. If there was any glimmer of hope the whole week it was when I was on the field. When girls are up to bat, the outfield usually moves in because honestly girls just don’t hit it as far as guys do. When I got up to bat I saw the center fielder was basically in the infield and laughed. Even prior to the last three months of really focusing on my diet and gym I would have smacked it over his head. I also was in the bottom of the order, sooo can’t really blame him for moving in. I ripped it, with the help of the wind, right over his head. My teammates asked what steroids I was on, joked I had to take give a urine sample, and gave me numerous complements. That’s what I worked for. It made the endless burpees worth it. I also out ran two infield hits to be safe at first. YES. I out ran infield hits to be safe at first. You read that right. 

The last game, my fielding came into play. There was a short blooper hit that I had to sprint to in order to catch. I got it, I couldn’t believe it was in my mit. If I wasn’t in such shock for that split second I probably would have a double play. I heard the girls on the other bench say “Why is she so good?” Again, the endless burpees making it all worth it. I got home around 930pm and didn’t even want to get out of my car my leg hurt so much. I iced it, took pain pills, and went to bed. 

Tuesday, I look at the workout and it’s running. I was in so much pain, I almost didn’t go, but I did. Again, in a world of hurt after the workout – I had a mini break down, more so at home than at the gym. Especially because I knew I would be on my feet ALL day at work. My coach had to remind me of some things. 1. How much work I really did on my leg the past two days. Yes, I worked my ass off.  2. How far I’ve really come and how I would have never been able to do this a year ago. I probably would have skipped both workouts on Monday and Tuesday. 3. I’m getting better and I’m in pain because I’m finally using my leg the right way. This was a tough one for me to understand. Still kind of hard. I look it as you’ll get worse before you get better. 4. I suffered a traumatic injury. Eye roll. 

Personally, I hate number 4. Other people suffer traumatic injuries and are fine. Why can’t I be fine too. Ugh. 

Wednesday wasn’t much better. I was on my feet all day at work. By the end of my shift I was ready to chop my leg off again. 

I don’t want to go through this the rest of my life. So I’ve made the decision to buckle up now so I don’t have to do it in the future. Give it all that I have so I can be better. If this is where I am now and I’m still not 100%, everyone better watch out. And I’m sure if I ever get close to 100% – I’ll have new goals ready to crush. Right now my focus is on getting my leg to where it needs to be. I wish I would have realized this sooner but I was too wrapped up in feeling bad for myself. 

That’s all I have for today. Hopefully next week is better for me mentally and physically but if it isn’t I’ll have to crush it. I’m ready. 

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New Brew Wednesday – May 24, 2017

Helloooo everyone!

I am going to let you in on a little secret. I usually don’t write my blog posts on the day that they are actually published. Sometimes I do but most of the time they are written ahead of time. You know that silly little thing called life? Yeah, it gets in the way sometimes and I have to plan. Anyways – I knew I had to have my beer on Tuesday because of my day on Wednesday. Let me say at 10am I was ready for a beer and I knew I had to wait at least 12 hours before I could have one. Needless to say I ENJOYED THIS BEER A LOT TODAY.

Saranac – Strawberry Tart


Type: Fruit Beer

ABV: 4.8%

IBU: 12

Description: There isn’t one on Untappd or the Saranac website. SOOO here goes nothing.

If you are nervous to try a sour beer this is a good one to try to ease into it. It isn’t too tart or sour and has the right amount of sweetness. It is very refreshing. Usually with sours I want to drink a glass of water after I finish the beer but this is more refreshing. I want to drink more and I feel like that is where the sweetness comes from.

It’s definitely a wheat ale with strawberry. It says there is lemon in it but I don’t taste it. the strawberry is very smooth. It tastes like a real strawberry and not fake artificial strawberry flavoring.

It is also very light in general which makes it super easy to drink. This could be a good beer to enjoy at your Memorial Day parties!! If you want to impress people tell them you read about it on the internet. This is a beer that I got in a Craft Your Own Pack, but I believe that it is $8.99 for a six pack at Wegmans. That is right in line with other craft beer six packs.

I ended up giving it 4/5 stars on Untappd. The overall rating is 3.6.

That is all I have for today!! Summer beers are my favorite and will be trying more and more this year! I might even have multiple beers in a post, depending on the week. Remember I am open to ideas – let me know what you think! Follow my blog, like my post, and follow my social media!! Until Friday!! ❤

Makeup Monday – May 22, 2017

Hi everyone!! I hope everyone is ready to crush another fantastic week ahead of them!

On to the reason why you are here – MAKEUP MONDAY. I have a really fantastic idea but need a week to put it all together so for today you get to know my favorite bronzer ever.

Nars Cosmetics – Bronzing Powder


Okay, don’t judge me but I totally stole this picture from the Sephora website. My current one hit pan and is UGLY. I do not want to subject you to that.

The description on Nars’ website is: Bronzing Powder creates the ultimate healthy glow. Diffused powders with golden shimmer create an all-over warmth or contour for the face perfect for creating or enhancing the look of tanned skin. Finely milled powders fills in lines and pores for smoother, more even looking complexion.

The shade I always get is Laguna which is described as a diffused brown powder with golden shimmer. Not going to lie, I originally purchased Laguna because I may or may not have been obsessed with Laguna Beach. So yes, I’ve been getting this a while.

I have probably gone through 15-20 of these in my life time and I continue to go back. I use this bronzer for everything. Here are some examples:

  • Contour. I will use it instead of spending more money on an expensive contouring kit. It works just as well and no one has ever told me it looks bad.
  • All over. In the summer mainly or when I am on vacation and have some color. I will drop the heavy full coverage stuff to give my skin some time off. I have used this for the past 5-6 summers exclusively all over my face. While looking up the description on their website, it said NOT to use all over but whatever, I do what I want.
  • On my neck. IS THERE ANYTHING WORSE THAN HAVING YOUR NECK BE A DIFFERENT COLOR THAN YOUR FACE? After I apply my foundation, I will use this to blend everything in.
  • Not even going to lie, if I am going out and I have some cleavage I’ll throw some bronzer on the girls. Again, I do what I want and I know this is more common than you think.

Honestly, I have never purchased another bronzer and I never want to. In my mind, nothing will ever be as good as my Nars. Sorry!!

I always apply my bronzer with the Nars Bronzing Brush. I don’t even want to tell you how much its as but I have had since I’ve started using the bronzer. So I have had it forever.

If you are looking for an awesome bronzer – try this out. It is $40 from Sephora. Okay, I know that seems like a lot of money BUT TRUST ME it is worth it. The one I have now is from Christmas. I literally use it every day and I still have it six months later.

I have suchhhhh a great idea for my next Makeup Monday!! Stay tuned and follow all of my social media and like/follow my blog ❤