Hello! My name is Lauren and I live in Buffalo, NY – you know where it is cold and snows a lot. In the past year my life has evolved to love three things. Makeup, beer, and crossfit.

Makeup: What a confidence booster! I’ve always had the basic understanding but never really understood what make up could really do. With a cousin who works at Sephora and endless amounts of Youtube videos I fell in LOVE.

Beer: I have grown to love ALL sorts of craft beer the past year. Feedback from a job that I didn’t get through work was that I had a ‘lack of beer knowledge’. Fast forward a year and I am certified level one Cicerone. Want to demo some beer?

Crossfit: If you would have told me a year ago I would be blogging about Crossfit I would have called you a lunatic.  This was an outlet for me to get over a traumatic injury by doing things I never thought that I would be doing. When you finally find the right box and the right coaching – it makes the world of difference.

I am not sure where this is going to take me so sit back and enjoy. Follow my social media on the right hand side of the page for even more of a insight into my life. ❤