Let me clear the air

Hi everyone! I never thought in a million years I would have to do this but I have been asked a lot of questions. People have sent me messages on Instagram and a lot of text messages about what was going on. I got asked a lot questions, some more bizarre than others. I just want to clear the air.

1. Lauren – are you pregnant?  NO. I am not even going to lie – 3 separate people asked me this. I was shocked. I guess that is what I get for posting pictures of baby food. If anyone knows me getting pregnant is the last thing I need in my life right now. I am trying to take a pretty big step in my career and a baby is just not in the cards.

2. Lauren – what are those numbers on your Instagram? For example: Day 4 of 49? I am in the middle of a healthy eating challenge at my gym. It is a seven week challenge and the winner gets the all the money from everyone participating in the challenge. There are a number of things that go in to determining the winner. Going to the gym 5 out of 7 days a week gets me extra points. I have to check in on Instagram SO sorry, you’ll see them for 49 days.

3. But you haven’t posted in a while, what is up with that? Read below.

4. Why are you eating baby food? This one is pretty lengthy so please grab your favorite drink. If you don’t care then skip the huge paragraph. Two weeks ago to the date, I started developing these cold sores in my mouth. I could still eat and I really didn’t think anything of it until I woke up on Thursday and my mouth literally blew up. I couldn’t eat anything spicy or anything that I had to chew. I went to do the doctor and he said that he is lucky that I got there so early because he gave me some medicine to help it out. I didn’t realize how bad this was going to get. Saturday at a work, I got some baby food because I could not chew anything and my throat was killing me. I was still doing the healthy eating challenge and I didn’t want anything to get in the way of that so that is why I was eating baby food. My desire to stay healthy. I left work Saturday and didn’t return until today, 10 days later. I missed my friend Tom’s wedding on Saturday night because I was in so much pain. Sunday morning at 3am I went to the ER because of the pain. I just knew something was wrong. I called into work for the second time ever at Wegmans. Monday it was so bad I didn’t even want to leave my bed. My cheeks looked like I had my wisdom teeth out and were so puffy. My neck was swollen. My lips looked like I had botox that went terribly wrong. My throat hurt so bad drinking water was painful. The doctor wanted to see me again and he gave me some shots of antibiotics and steroids. Tuesday it was the same thing but of course I was allergic to either the antibiotic or the steroid that they gave me and I then developed a rash from head to toe. I didn’t eat for four days and I have no idea how I drank enough water to stay hydrated. I felt ugly, tired, and fustrated. Friday I went to an ENT and he told me that this is the most aggressive case he has ever seen but I just had to ride it out. At this point I tried the baby food again and everything was just tasting funny and my throat was still killing me. The only thing that seemed to go down okay was chocolate milk. It wasn’t healthy eating challenge approved but at least I was getting some calories at this point. I missed another wedding on Saturday but when Sunday came around I FELT LIKE A NEW PERSON. I wasn’t 100% yet but I was no longer in pain and I could eat softer foods. Monday I went back to the gym and did my stretches, rode the bike, and did some empty barbell cycling and movements. As an exciting side note: my brain finally comprehended the different between the push press and the push jerk. FINALLY – on Tuesday I was back to normal. I spent the day with my little cousins from out of town. Today I finally went back to work and got back into the gym. The only side effect now is that I have no taste buds. I can feel texture but I can’t taste anything. It is so crazy but worth it not to be in the pain that I was in. I just want to thank the people who put up with me for two weeks. You guys know who you are because I have thanked you about 20374283 times already.

So there you have it. Sorry I’ll be around. Maybe not as much but I’ll be here. Follow my social media and don’t be afraid to ask me any questions! I love questions!! ❤


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