Flexin’ Friday – July 14, 2017

Think of how far you have come. 

Seven little words that kept me motivated today during a grueling workout. 

When I looked at the workout this morning my thoughts are completely different than what they are now. Six hours ago I was excited to do an easy EMOM with deadlifts and back squats. My worst lift (deadlifts) mixed with my best lift (back squats). On paper this was a workout that I should love.  All heavy barbell – my thing. Thirty minutes after completing it I never want to do a deadlift or back squats ever again in my life. I probably jumped weight too quickly while trying to stick with the girls I was working out with – so that’s on me. But it still really sucked. About 75% way through the workout I didn’t think I was going to finish. My back was on fire. I’ve always had some kind of back issues. It’s way better than what it was but still not 100%. I took the barbell from the rack, paused what seem like forever and walked it back without doing a single back squat. I thought that was it. I couldn’t even imagine doing an air squat at this moment let alone 5 at 145lbs. Then I got yelled at in the most motivating way (to be honest I don’t even remember what my coach said – I just know he wasn’t ever going to allow me to give up) and I got through them. But I thought there was absolutely no way I was going to do the deadlifts. As I was standing there, trying to figure out how I was going to do any more of this workout and not sure if I wanted to cry or throw up – my coach said think of how far you have come. So true. I’ve shared my journey here before. A year ago I was unhappy at the gym, unhappy at work, unhappy with life in general and I know that’s what he meant. He didn’t mean how much weight was on the bar because that’s never been an issue for me. It’s my mental game. It’s come a very long way this past year and that’s what got me through the rest of this workout. A year ago I would have given up or taken a rest or decreased the weight. But today, I finished it. 

EMOM 40 – even: 5 back squats – odd: 5 deadlifts. Maxed out at 145lbs for both. Now, I just need to work on my deadlift because my deadlift and back squat shouldn’t be the same. 

Think of how far you have come in the past year. It’s truly amazing. ❤️❤️


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