New Brew Wednesday – July 12, 2017

Helloooo MBC friends! 

I have another 4th of July beer to share with everyone! This one was definitely not as interesting as last weeks. It does however have a funky side that I absolutely loved! 

21st Amendement Brewery – Watermelon Funk 

Type: Sour ale

ABV: 6.7%

IBU: 17

Description: We have transformed our summertime watermelon wheat beer into Watermelon Funk, a mind blowing, shake your booty, interlocking sour bass lines with syncopated sweet fruit notes and downbeat aromas and we give you all that in a signature groove with the hip and sway of Lady Liberty. (From 21st Amendement Brewery’s website) 

This beer was fantastic. I wish I could have had a six pack of these at my party. It was so drinkable and such a summer time beer. Now we all know I’m a sucker for sour beers. And this was probably in my top three of ones I’ve ever had. It went down so easy and could be trouble with a high ABV especially for a sour. Their watermelon wheat is also super good. 

21st Amendment Brewery also has very eye catching packaging. Also, for the history nerd in me – 21ST AMENDMENT. I’m sold. I’ve only ever had two beers from them. This and their watermelon wheat. So I can’t be a good judge of the brewery as a whole but the two beers I have has were amazing. I would give any beer of theirs a try! 

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