Flexin’ Friday – July 7, 2017


: the act or process of giving someone a reason for doing something 

: the act or process of motivating someone

: the condition of being eager to act or work 

: the condition of being motivated

: a force or influence that causes someone to do something


I have wonderful sources of motivation in my life, that’s not the problem. I love to workout out. I love lifting heavy weights. I love encouraging other people to go after their dreams. I enjoy people being successful. I actually kind of like when people beat me at something because I know I gave my best so that person must have also given their best. 

My problem is internal. I have the hardest time staying motivated, especially with my nutrition, especially working at a grocery store. It’s hard to resist temptations. It’s so easy to go buy whatever I want no matter how much I food prep. It sucks. When I start eating like crap everything else suffers. I lose my motivation to go to the gym. I even have some days where getting out of bed is the struggle. Just because I decided to eat something I know I shouldn’t. I haven’t found the ultimate motivation to keep me on track. I haven’t found that why. It’s easier to lay in bed and watch Netflix. It’s easier to eat a slice of pizza than to food prep for the week. I need to find that why and that motivation to keep me from slipping into these disaterious cycles. 



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