Makeup Monday – July 3, 2017

Happy Monday!!

A few weeks ago I read an article on about women wearing makeup while doing Crossfit and the pressure of females to look feminine while working out. The link is here. It’s a good read if you workout and love make up!! 

One piece of makeup I never thought about was tinted moisturizer. When I read the article and how a lot of females wore it I was like DUH LAUREN. Like what a great idea. Shortly after that I purchased Elf’s tinted moisturizer in the shade fair. I fell in love. It’s so nice for the summer. My skin is a little blotchy so I like how it evens me out without leaving me looking too cakey. Also it’s the summer. It’s hot. You sweat. And makeup runs. 

I did work out in it last week and it wasn’t good. I had sweat marks everywhere. I am not sure if anyone noticed but I for sure did when I got into my car. I was slightly mortified. I might try that out again when I purchase another tinted moisturizer. 

I can’t wait until I try some different brands. Do you use tinted moisturizer? Let me know what you use so I can try them out! Follow my blog and social media ❤️❤️


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