Flexin’ Friday – June 16, 2107

Hiiii everyone! 

Two years ago I was at ECMC recovering from surgery to insert a rod and four screws into my leg. I didn’t know it then but I would slip into a slight depression. I hated every moment I was on crutches. I hated every time I had to take a pain pill just to fall asleep. I hated that I was limited to what I could and couldn’t do. I did go to Toronto for a Yankees game and crutched around the stadium, but I hated it (it was like 100 degrees, sitting in the sun, big ugly boot, needless to say the pit stains were – real struggle). I was back at work and it was good to socialize but my crutch would slip on anything that was on the ground and guess what – I hated it. I feel like everything that I did – I hated. I was known as the girl with a broken leg. 

I took that mentality after I was off my crutches. I hated to do anything. I never wanted to go out. Going to the gym was terrible. I had some crazy stressors at work.  I was still in so much pain because I was trying to push myself more than I probably should have been. I was in so much pain they ended up taking the screws out in my ankle. That helped a little but not much. All I wanted to do was lay in bed because that’s what I did for three months while recovering from my broken leg. 

Like many people when I am facing any type of stress or anxiety I turn to food. I am the queen of stress eating and working at a grocery store is THE worst. My dad being the best person in the world would get me whatever I wanted when I couldn’t. I wanted to stop but couldn’t. It was easier to hide in a bag of potato chips than it was to face the demons in front of me. I gained a crap ton of weight. 

Somewhere in the past ten months – I don’t know where, or why, or when but I was like Lauren get over yourself, you’re better than this. A lot of things changed. So maybe that’s what it was? I really couldn’t tell you. Somewhere along the line the switch just flipped. I honestly feel like a completely new person. 

Yesterday, I ran the Corporate Challenge. Two weeks ago I asked my coach if he thought I could do it and I wanted him to be honest with me. He asked me why I would even question it. And I told him I haven’t run more than a mile in two years (and if anyone knows me – running is NOT my thing and never has been). He told me it was going to hurt but that I could do it. Sooo I did it. Last year I volunteered to work it so I didn’t have to run it. I took the easy way out. This year, with my new mentality, I ran it. Slowly, with a little bit of pain I sprinted across the finish line in 42:15. I almost cried. I never thought I would ever be able to do anything like that. Again, not only am I NOT a runner but I never thought my leg could handle anything like this. 

I’m constantly surprising myself. It’s the coolest thing ever. I came home today after a really long day of work and dealing with my mom around 6pm. I missed the last class at the gym. I looked up the workout, made my own, and did it in my back yard. I WOULD HAVE NEVER DONE THAT SIX MONTHS AGO. I would have gotten a sub and watched Netflix the rest of the night. My legs were super heavy from the run so I made a stupid choice to do single unders. But hey, I did it. 

So my advice to my MBC friends. It’s okay to surprise yourself. You WILL have to feel some sort of discomfort along the way. The feeling of accomplishment is totally worth it. 

Have a wonderful weekend and follow my social media and my blog! ❤️


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