Makeup Monday – June 12, 2017

Hello friends!! If you’re a loyal follower of MBC you’ve noticed I took a week off. Some times you just need a break right?! I’m back and better than ever. Enjoy Makeup Monday!!

So Thursday June 1st I got eye lash extensions from Continental School of Beauty. I went with my friend Jess. Overall, I had a decent experience, she did not. Honestly it made me so sad she didn’t enjoy it. 

For eye lash extensions they put a longer lash on as many individual lashes as they can. Continental uses 10-12 lengths. I use to go to another place and they used up to 16. I believe it’s millimeters but I honestly have no idea.  

Below is my before and after. 

Top: before

Bottom: after 

Don’t mind my gross pores. I didn’t have any make up on!! Anyways, there is definitely a difference. They are more fuller and a little longer. 

I honestly love the extensions for the first day or two. After that you realize how much of a pain they are. They say beauty is pain? But for real, you can’t really rub your eyes, you can’t put your face into your pillow, washing your face is a hassle and so is the shower. You’re not really suppose to get them wet.

So to wrap things up. I rather spend my money on a great tube of mascara. Maybe one day I’ll master fake lashes. Right now when I try to put those on, they end up on my eye brows. Don’t ask. It’s not pretty. 

Have you ever had eye lash extensions?! What do you think of them?? Follow my social media, like this post, and follow my blog ❤️


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