New Brew Wednesday – May 24, 2017

Helloooo everyone!

I am going to let you in on a little secret. I usually don’t write my blog posts on the day that they are actually published. Sometimes I do but most of the time they are written ahead of time. You know that silly little thing called life? Yeah, it gets in the way sometimes and I have to plan. Anyways – I knew I had to have my beer on Tuesday because of my day on Wednesday. Let me say at 10am I was ready for a beer and I knew I had to wait at least 12 hours before I could have one. Needless to say I ENJOYED THIS BEER A LOT TODAY.

Saranac – Strawberry Tart


Type: Fruit Beer

ABV: 4.8%

IBU: 12

Description: There isn’t one on Untappd or the Saranac website. SOOO here goes nothing.

If you are nervous to try a sour beer this is a good one to try to ease into it. It isn’t too tart or sour and has the right amount of sweetness. It is very refreshing. Usually with sours I want to drink a glass of water after I finish the beer but this is more refreshing. I want to drink more and I feel like that is where the sweetness comes from.

It’s definitely a wheat ale with strawberry. It says there is lemon in it but I don’t taste it. the strawberry is very smooth. It tastes like a real strawberry and not fake artificial strawberry flavoring.

It is also very light in general which makes it super easy to drink. This could be a good beer to enjoy at your Memorial Day parties!! If you want to impress people tell them you read about it on the internet. This is a beer that I got in a Craft Your Own Pack, but I believe that it is $8.99 for a six pack at Wegmans. That is right in line with other craft beer six packs.

I ended up giving it 4/5 stars on Untappd. The overall rating is 3.6.

That is all I have for today!! Summer beers are my favorite and will be trying more and more this year! I might even have multiple beers in a post, depending on the week. Remember I am open to ideas – let me know what you think! Follow my blog, like my post, and follow my social media!! Until Friday!! ❤


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