Makeup Monday – April 24, 2017

Welcome back to Makeup Monday! I went back and forth all weekend about what product I wanted to review today. What was even crazier, is that I had a handful of people give me suggestions!! Which means someone out there is actually reading this. After I really thought about it, I decided to do the product that I have been using the longest.

Origins – Checks and Balances


Okay – I cannot tell a lie. I only know its been eight years because recently, my cousin sent me a picture from a trip that we took that appeared on her time hop. It was on that trip that I found this product. Here is that picture. I miss my tan and my long dark hair. Wahhh. I was a Kardashian before it was even cool.

IMG_1688 2

Back on track here – Why do I love it so much? My skin has changed a lot in the past eight years. I’ve had to change all my make up because my skin would change. Just ask my loyal MAC foundation I had to give up. I never had to give up my Checks and Balances.

I have five different face washes in my bathroom right now. I know it is a little excessive and I am slightly crazy BUT the other ones I usually only use once maybe twice and move on to something else. Not my Checks and Balances.

How do I use it? SOO I usually don’t use it to take my make up off. I use an exfoliator for that. I use in the morning or on that super rare occasion that I don’t have make up on at the end of the day. It has mint in it and you an definitely smell it right away. So that is nice in the morning. I also like to leave it on for about a minute or two just it let the mint soak into my skin. ALSO you don’t need a lot. A bottle from Sephora costs $22 and it will last me about six months. You need about a dime to a quarter size to cover your whole face. It truly makes your skin feel refreshed. It doesn’t make your skin feel dry, sticky, or pulled.

One last thing. I cannot stress how important it is to research what you are putting on your face. YOU ONLY HAVE ONE FACE and you can’t just cover it up if it doesn’t work well with your skin. Check all the stuff that it is made without. A+ in my book.


Let me know if there is something that you are interested in and want me to review! Follow my social media and see you Wednesday for New Brew Wednesday! ❤

Also – last night in the email from there was an article about wearing make up during a WOD. Found it funny it came out 2 weeks after I started my blog. Check it out here


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