Flexin’ Friday – April 21, 2017

In the beginning of the week I had a solid plan as to what I was going to write about this week. My first Flexin’ Friday was going to be about my journey to start Crossfit. Then I got a terrible head cold – stupid sinuses. I missed the gym Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I literally just got done bragging about how I have gone every day in my first blog post and then I just missed three days IN A ROW.

Let me tell you a little about my week. Sunday I woke up with a sore throat. I knew what was coming. I drank enough airborne for three people and tried to combat it with some extra strength sinus medication. It didn’t work. My head hurt so bad for two days I wasn’t eating and I definitely wasn’t drinking enough water to keep myself hydrated. My body would not have held up well at the gym. I only got out of bed to go to work and the bathroom. I probably made a great first impression at the new store.

SIDE NOTE: I’ll be the first to admit it – I am particularly hard on myselfIn the gym, at work, when I was in school. Usually when I accomplish a task, even if it was successful, my first thought is immediately how could I have done this better. 

So how could I have made this week better? Honestly, I couldn’t and I realized this. What I had to do is move on. I had to focus on the fact that I still had Thursday, Friday, and Saturday left in the week to make it successful. I had to put Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday behind me and absolutely crush the rest of the week. I even made a chiropractic appointment on Thursday so I was already at the gym and had NO EXCUSE not to work out.

Why is this a Flexin’ Friday post? “Old Lauren” would have used every excuse in the book not to go to the gym until Dennis would send me a message and guilt me back into the gym. Honestly, it happened like once a month, for about six months. I would have binged on every type terrible food and drank Wegmans out of Coca-Cola. Then I would have felt sorry for myself for a few days. “New Lauren” feels bad when I miss a day and I really haven’t except Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I even showed up fifteen minutes late once, with permission of course because I left my bag at home and was coming from work. Leaving my bag at home would have been a perfect reason to skip and turn on Netflix for the night. This week was different. I still ordered my food and slowly got enough water & gatorade in my body. (PS: I hate gatorade and only drink it when I am sick. I hate it so much I don’t want to give it proper punctuation). I showed up on Thursday and by no means did I crush it but I was there. I did some type of fitness and for not being there for three days – I was happy.

Something changed. I am not sure what it is or why it did. Crossfit and everyone at Quarter Deck Athletics made me change. I am not complaining by any stretch of the imagination. I am proud of the person I’ve become inside and outside of the gym.

Want more information on Quarter Deck Athletics? Click here.


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