New Brew Wednesday and why I love craft beer – April 19, 2017

Hiiii everyone!! Before we get started with New Brew Wednesday – I want to give a brief story as to why I love craft beer so much. Two years ago I was a die hard Blue Light fan and thought I knew the most about beer because I drank so much of it. Then I applied for a job that I didn’t get and my feedback was that I didn’t have enough “beer and liquor” knowledge. I thought to myself – they obviously haven’t seen me throw down beers on a Friday night. I then had the opportunity to become a Cicerone. WTF is a Cicerone, right?. BASICALLY – I am now a for real beer expert. No joke – the test was hard, probably harder than my Social Studies content exam for my teaching certificate. I had to learn SOOO much stuff. What kind of beer goes in what kind of glass, how beer is made, the difference between all the types of beers, how different hops, barely, and wheat can make the beer taste different and the list goes on and on and on. I had to get a 75% on a 60 question timed test. Let’s just say I passed. I can recommend a beer based on what you are eating, the season, my favorite at the moment, and numerous other things. Now I love craft beer because I have learned so much about it. I love anything with fruit and recently sour beers have won my heart. I will try any beer once, even if it has maple syrup flavors, which I hate. Want more information about what I really do? Click here. 

OKAY – on to New Brew Wednesday. This brew came all the way from Boston, Massachusetts from my good friend Jeff – who is an even more beer nerd than I am. When I have a question, I ask Jeff. Follow his twitter if you love beer: @beerwithbrenner

Passion Weisse by Night Shift Brewing


Description: Mixed fermentation sour ale aged with passion fruit

ABV: 5%

IBU: n/a

My thoughts: I am a sucker for some good packaging. If Jeff didn’t get this for me, I probably would have purchased it because I love the owl and you can’t tell from the picture but it is a pinkish/peachy color. Definitely an eye catcher. The smell was unique. Probably the passion fruit. To be honest, I wasn’t really excited to try it after I smelled it. When I poured it into the glass, I realized that there was no head. It was almost like a flat soda pop.


SEE! I had to take this so quick and it went completely away after a few more seconds. With the lack of head and strange smell – I almost didn’t want to try it but I did and guess what – I LOVED IT. It was very fruity, very sour, and the after taste was very wheaty like a beer. Usually sours I have to limit myself to one because it just makes me more thirsty than anything but I could have had ten of these without even thinking. I ended up giving it 4/5 stars on Untappd.


I am also a sucker for the caps, which we see he owl again. I have a pretty good collection of caps since I drink so much craft beer. Anyone out there have any good ideas for what I can do with them all? They are currently in a stein that I have. I want to do something crafty with them, maybe.

So that is my first New Brew Wednesday! Any recommendations – please leave a comment! If I can get my hands on it I will try it. Don’t forget to follow my social media ❤


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