Hello world!

Hello everyone!! Yesterday I posted on IG about living outside of your comfort zone. I was given a magnet by my friend Joelle in July and it said “Life beings at the end of your comfort zone”. Honestly, this had ZERO meaning to me for 7 months. I didn’t realize what it really means. Why in the world would I ever want to be uncomfortable? I recently revised this magnet and it hit me like a ton of bricks. The last eight weeks I have been SUPER uncomfortable. I have been going to the gym every single day. The first thing I do when I wake up is look at the workout. It is usually followed by “Dennis (my coach)- you suck” and then I go about my day. By the time I get to the gym I have forgotten what I read hours before and I suck it up and do it. Some minor accomplishments in the past eight weeks are as followed:

Ran a mile in 9:45 without stopping.

Put on a pair of jeans that haven’t fit since before I broke my leg.

Did one double under.

And those are just my accomplishments related to the gym. I honestly feel that I have been living outside my comfort zone in my non-gym life. For example, on Sunday I will be starting at a new store with new people and new managers. Seven months ago, I would have never wanted to leave my comfortable environment that I am in now. I would have been sad, mad, and the pity party would have been raging. Instead, I am so ready for the new challenge and a new opportunity that is in front of me. I am sad to leave the people I have “grown up with” but so ready for something new. BRING IT ON.

Another example, is what you are reading now. I would have never in a bazillion years thought I would ever want to write a blog. I don’t know what I am really doing but I love makeup, I love beer, and I love Crossfit. Why not bring all three together? Here is my plan for the blog.

Makeup Monday – a review of a makeup product that I have been using. Is it good, is it bad? What don’t I leave the house without? I have a lot sooo I doubt I’ll ever run out of things to talk about.

New Brew Wednesday – since I’ve been really working out and watching what I eat, my beer consumption is at an all time low. It kind of makes me sad. I’ll try one new brew a week (that is what I allow myself) and let you know how it is!!

Flexin’ Friday- did I have a terrible workout this week? Did I accomplish something cool? Is my leg finally no longer an excuse? Why do I do Crossfit? How about Brooke Wells working out with the most gorgeous eyelashes ever. Nope I am not jealous at all.

One last thing. Steve Weatherford is one of my sources of daily motivation. He posts his #morningmotivations every single day and I would probably say five out of seven days I am sending them to someone via snapchat, re-tweeting them on twitter, or even putting them on IG. Here is an example of what he posted not to long ago about comfort zones:


Let me know what you guys think! See you Monday for the first Makeup Monday. It’s going to be a good one I promise. Hope you like to GLOW. Follow my social media on the left hand side ❤


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